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Jefferson County selects Accela Civic Platform
5/5/2017  Accela Civic Platform moves the County toward a web-based, technology-driven solution to improve service delivery and efficiency.

Jefferson County has selected Accela Civic Platform to move the County’s planning, permitting, inspection, plans review and code enforcement services toward a web-based, technology-driven solution to improve service delivery, efficiently process building permits, leverage mobile capabilities for field staff and speed up approvals for new construction.

Implementing Accela will move the County departments away from paper process and silo-ed software systems that do not communicate with each other toward an integrated platform that all related Departments will participate in and give the building community a means to monitor the progress of their plans through the approval process. Mobile apps will improve productivity and communication and make comments and approvals by inspectors immediately available to staff in the office. Automated notification as plans and applications move through approval steps and a web portal will give 24 hour access to review comments and status of projects. This platform also provides the flexibility for the County to implement on-line tools for application, plans submittal, fees payment and schedule inspections and GIS-integration will give the public new tools to identify activities in their neighborhood.

Accela Civic Platform will consolidate and simplify the permitting process and the County will gain efficiencies,  employee resources, reduce wait times and provide better, more transparent, overall customer service.