Web Policies

The Jefferson County Web Site (www.jccal.org/) is the official portal and Web site of Jefferson County with links to internal County pages and external Web sites. These links include Web sites operated by Jefferson County departments and affiliates, non-profit organizations, private-sector businesses and organizations as well as other local, state and federal agencies.

The policies outlined below are applicable to all Jefferson County online channels including, but not limited to: http://www.jccal.org/, www.jrhc.org and www.jccal.org. Additionally, all sub-domain sites (e.g., www.sub-domain name.jeffcointouch.com or http://sub-domain name.jeffcointouch.com) fall under the domain of the policies listed on this site.

Jefferson County policies with regards to its Web entities are as follows (all links below are PDF documents):

For information related to the above Web Policies, please email the Webmaster.