Jefferson County, Alabama

Compliance Week Day 3


Day 3: The Visual Aspect of Our Commitment to Compliance
The Food Critic

Just like a culinary masterpiece, we must ensure that our compliance efforts are visually appealing and appetizing to our stakeholders, including employees, customers, and regulators. Today's activity will explore how to "plate" our compliance efforts effectively. Let's work together to ensure that our compliance initiatives are not only flavorful but also elegantly presented. This is how we set ourselves apart and maintain trust with our stakeholders.

Let’s test your ability to evaluate compliance situations. Complete the quiz below. Enter your name and email if you would like to enter a drawing to win a prize for participating.

1. Indicate if these actions are acceptable, violations, or in the "bad taste" (gray) zone.
Space Cell AcceptableViolationBad Taste
Posting a video on TikTok of your work environment (including customers) as a harmless comedy skit
You accidentally click on a link in an email asking you to take a mandatory security awareness training and input your credentials in the site the link leads to. After noticing some weird things (misspellings, indications that the email originated outside of JCC, etc.) in the email, you reboot your computer to make sure nothing malicious was installed. After rebooting, you confirm that your computer is performing as expected. Relieved, you continue on with your work activities.
Not reporting the harassment of your co-worker because you promised to keep the information between just the two of you
Running errands in a shopping center on the day you've called in as sick
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Compliance is Everyone's Responsibility

The Compliance Office can only investigate Jefferson County Commission merit system employees. Complaints against Elected and/or Appointed Officials should be referred to the County Attorney's Office.