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Court rules for Jefferson County Commission in bankruptcy appeal

BIRMINGHAM, AL – Thursday, August 16,the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit issued an opinion in the Bennett v. Jefferson County Commission case wherein the group known as the Ratepayers filed an appeal challenging Jefferson County’s Bankruptcy Plan of Adjustment.

The Court determined that having evaluated the factors relevant to an equitable mootness determination, they concluded that dismissing the Ratepayers’ appeal was appropriate. The Court’s Order reversed the District Court’s decision and remanded it for dismissal of the Ratepayers’ appeal from the Plan confirmed by the Bankruptcy Court.

Jefferson County Commission President Jimmie Stephens said the ruling is a successful outcome and it closes “the final chapter in our saga of bankruptcy.”

County Commission David Carrington, who led the county’s negotiations during its Chapter 9 case, said the county is pleased.

“We were always confident in our Chapter 9 plan of adjustment,” Carrington said, adding that the long-running case was “a minor irritation that unfortunately cost the citizens of Jefferson County hundreds of thousands of dollars in frivolous litigation fees that could have been used for capital improvements to the sewer system.”

Stephens said the appellate ruling marks an important turning point. “It represents an ending but more importantly a new beginning for our great county. This ruling further validates the course of action taken to navigate Jefferson County Commission through its financial troubles.”


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