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Public Hearing April 18, 2019

Notice of Public Hearing Concerning Intention of
TheIndustrial Development Board of the City of Hoover to Issue environmentalimprovement solid waste disposal revenue bonds
(United States Steel Corporation Project)

Noticeis hereby given that on April 18, 2019, a public hearing as required bySection 147(f) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 will be held with respectto the proposed issuance by The Industrial Development Board of theCity of Hoover (the “Board”) of its environmentalimprovement solid waste disposal revenue bonds in one or more seriesin an amount not to exceed $275,000,000 (the “Bonds”).  The proceeds of the Bonds will be used to financeor refinancethe costs to United States Steel Corporation, a Delaware corporation, or one ofits present or future direct or indirect wholly owned subsidiaries (together,the “Company”), of certain solid waste disposalfacilities and/or sewage facilities relating to the purchase of equipment andconstruction of an electric arc furnace and other facilities at the FairfieldWorks Mill located at 5700 Valley Road in unincorporated Jefferson County nearHoover, Alabama (the “Project”)TheCompany will be the owner or operator of the Project.

 The hearing will commence at [9:00 a.m.] or assoon thereafter as the matter can be heard, and will be held in Room B-10 ofthe Bessemer Justice Center, 1801 3rdAvenue, Bessemer, Alabama 35020.  Interested persons wishing to express their viewson the issuance of the Bonds or on the nature and location of the Project mayattend the public hearing or, prior to the time of the hearing, submit writtencomments at the address listed below.

TheBonds, when issued, will be special, limited obligations of the Board and shallnever constitute an indebtedness of the City of Hoover, Jefferson County, theState of Alabama (the “State”) or any political subdivision thereof within themeaning of any State constitutional or statutory provision nor constitute orgive rise to a pecuniary liability of the City of Hoover, Jefferson County orthe State or a charge against their general credit or taxing powers.  The Board has no taxing power.

Additionalinformation concerning the above matter may be obtained from, and writtencomments should be addressed to, Jefferson County Commission, Jefferson CountyCourthouse, 716 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. North, Suite 210, Birmingham,Alabama 35203. 

Dated April 10,2019

TheIndustrial Development Board of the City of Hoover

Jeffersoncounty, Alabama