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Jefferson County Commission Passes Resolution To Enter a Due Diligence Period With UAB Health System On Creating A University Healthcare Authority

Birmingham, AL – TheJefferson County Commission passed a resolution this morning which allows theCounty Manager to enter into a due diligence period on creating a UniversityHealthcare Authority to help manage Cooper Green Mercy Health Services.


“Thisis crucial step that allows both the County and UAB Health System to finalizean agreement toward providing more and better care for the indigent patients ofJefferson County,” said County Manager, Tony Petelos. “We have been working onoptions to improve the management and services of Cooper Green for a long time-- this is the best option to provide quality care.”


Today’sresolution specifically opens the door for the following to happen:

·         Finalize an agreement between JeffersonCounty and the UAB Health System in creating a University Healthcare Authority

·        Allow for more detailed discussions on atransition and how that would occur


“Over the coming weeks we will be meeting with theemployees of Cooper Green to discuss what this means for them,” added Petelos. “And,we want to reassure them that transferring to a University Healthcare Authoritywill not affect their earned retirement benefits under the General RetirementSystem of Jefferson County.”

In addition, bothJefferson County and UAB Health System pledge to minimize any disruption inservice to patients.