Roads and Transportation

What is Transpro?

The Jefferson County Department of Roads and Transportation has implemented a new performance program called Transportation Progress, or TransPro. This program utilizes performance data from the individual divisions within the department to measure results and improve efficiency. The data spans a wide variety of information for specific reporting periods. This data is compared to information from previous periods to allow for historical comparisons, trending and future resource planning. Because the department is continuously measuring and evaluating performance, it is able to engage in more informed decision-making and timely delivery of services to the citizens of Jefferson County. The individual divisions stay focused on achieving performance targets through constant follow-up and assessment from the Departmentís leadership.

TransPro meetings are held once per month. Each division is responsible for submitting the requested information prior to the meeting for analysis and compilation. The division heads are in attendance at each meeting and are expected to field questions derived from their data and also to explain any discrepancies found in the analysis. Furthermore, they are expected to offer solutions to any problems which are highlighted during each session. The discussion is driven by the Department head and his staff.

TransPro is based largely on the successful CitiStat program in Baltimore, MD. After reviewing the Departmentís best practices, Jefferson County Roads & Transportation developed its own program tailored to serving the needs of the traveling public in Jefferson County. The program will eventually include a non-emergency call-in program to field citizen service requests for items such as pothole repair, tree/limb removal and paving requests among other things. This website will soon include photographs of some of the projects utilizing department resources to allow citizens to see progress in their areas of the county. Currently, you may view a county-wide map which shows all ongoing projects with a brief description provided for each.

To make a citizen service request, please use the menu to view a description for each division. If you are unsure which division to call for your specific issue, please contact the Administrative office at 205-325-5141.


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