Jefferson County, Alabama




Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can repair the drainage ditch in front of my house?

a. Please call the administrative office at 205.325-5141 or fill out the link on our page to see if you’re your residence is covered by the county. Property ownership and right of way also factors into who should repair your ditch. If we determine it is our responsibility we will add it to our work list and take care of it.

2. How do I report a pothole?

a. Please follow this link to report a pothole or call the Administrative office at 205-325-5141. We will place your request on the list.

3. Who do I call about mowing the right-of-way in our neighborhood?

a. Please follow this link to submit a request for moving. Note that we are not mowing to provide a golf course, we mow to provide for visibility, which is often higher than how you would mow your personal lawn.

4. Who picks up my garbage?

a. It depends on where you live. Curbside waste disposal in unincorporated Jefferson County is managed by our Environmental Service Dept. by calling 325-5456. Advanced Disposal handles the other parts of the County by calling 640-7000.

5. How do I report a missing or damaged street sign or traffic signal?

a. To report signage or traffic signal issues call 849-2341 or 849-2336.

6. Who do I call to report littering?

a. To report illegal dumping of trash contact Development Services at 582-6555. To report an overgrown or abandoned property call 325-5321.

7. How do I organize a litter cleanup in my neighborhood?

a. Our Development Services group has resources to help you organize a volunteer roadside cleanup in your neighborhood. Please call 325-8741 for details.