Jefferson County, Alabama



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can be done about the ditch in front of my house?
A: The area Public Works Supervisor will contact the property owner and schedule a meeting to discuss possible solutions to the drainage problem.
Q: I have reported a pothole in the road.  What happens next?
A: Your pothole repair request is issued to the area supervisor who will make the necessary arrangements for repair as soon as possible.
Q: What about mowing the right-of-way?
A: The area supervisor visits the reported area and makes arrangements to have vegetation controlled. 

Q: I have a problem and am not sure which division is responsible; what number do I call?
A: In this case call the Administrative Division at 205-325-5141.
Someone will direct your concern to the appropriate personnel for resolution.
Q: I don't know if my request falls in the Bessemer maintenance camp or the Ketona maintenance camp.  Who do I call? 
A: Again, contact the Administrative division at 205-325-5141.
Q: I have just moved to Jefferson County.  Who picks up my garbage?
A: It depends on whether you live in an unincorporated part of the county or in a municipality.  Municipalities have garbage service or contractors who handle pickup.  Unincorporated area residents need to call Jefferson County Environmental Services (325-5141) for the contractor who handles their area.