Jefferson County, Alabama

Enterprise GIS


Enterprise GIS Division (EGIS) Mission

To provide quality geospatial services, data and technology solutions, empowering the government agencies and citizens of Jefferson County to make service-driven decisions.


What is GIS? 

A Geographic Information System (GIS) lets us visualize, question, analyze and interpret data to understand relationships, patterns and trends. GIS benefits organizations of all sizes and in almost every industry resulting in greater efficiency, improved communication, geographical management and supporting better decisions. 

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Gateway to GIS public services: 


Enterprise GIS Division Responsibilities: 

We are dedicated to providing and maintaining an enterprise GIS system for the citizens, County staff, elected officials and allied governmental agencies to improve the business processes and quality of life in Jefferson County. 

• Lead Jefferson County GIS Consortium to facilitate agencies collaboration on major GIS projects
• GIS Data/Database Development and Warehousing
• GIS Services Development and Support
• GIS Systems Administration and Integration
• Spatial Analysis
• GIS Data Requests 


Jefferson County UC COVID-19 Hub Page

One of our newest GIS developments has been the COVID-19 page that is the primary communication platform for data about COVID-19 in Jefferson County. This page contains information collected as a collaborative effort of the Unified Command Center and its partner agencies: The Jefferson County Commission, Jefferson County Department of Health, EMA, UAB, City of Birmingham, City of Hoover, Birmingham Airport, Birmingham Housing Authority and more. It should serve as central location for citizens to get current and helpful information about COVID-19 in our community. 

Open Data 

The EGIS group also works to maintain the County’s Open Data Portal. This site is a repository for data about the county, this data is accessible to the public for viewing and downloading. The data on this site includes both spatial and non-spatial data.

Jefferson County's GIS Legacy

Jefferson County was a true pioneer within the GIS industry being one of the first Counties within the United States to adopt the technology beginning in 1985. The County GIS has received many awards, assisted numerous agencies and has been a leader of the technology within the State of Alabama since its inception. With the support of the County Administration and Management the GIS Division intends to continue and continually improve upon its rich history of service to the County.


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