Jefferson County, Alabama

Learning and Organizational Development


Learning & Organizational Development Division

The Learning and Organizational Development Division partners with Jefferson County leaders to create a high-performance, positive work environment where employees, leadership, and innovation come together to provide exceptional everyday service.

Our team of Training and Organizational Development Advisors use expertise, workforce data, and insight into County and departmental operations, culture, mission, and policies to provide high-quality  solutions that work; when speed and quality conflict, quality is prioritized over speed. Advisors partner, consult, advise, and coach at all levels of the Jefferson County workforce to help align people, processes, and systems in way that supports a culture of transparency, inclusion, integrity, innovation, energetic service, and safety. 

Our goal is to help make Jefferson County a workplace where continuous learning, collaboration, leadership, and excellence are encouraged at all levels and every employee has the opportunity and support to thrive professionally.

The LOD Team
Loren Warren
HR Division Manager
(205) 582-6883

Alecia Hollis
Training and Organizational Development Advisor
(205) 582-6688
Ian Peters
Training and Organizational Development Advisor
(205) 582-6680
Anthony D. Sparks
Training and Organizational Development Advisor
(205) 582-6676
Derek Marshall
Administrative Analyst
(205) 582-6838

Contact LOD for help with:

Customized Training and Career Development Services
Organization Development Services
Employee Onboarding and Start of Work Orientation

Phone: (205) 325-5249, Option 6