Jefferson County, Alabama

Commercial Tags


Effective Feb 3, 2020 Jefferson County Department of Revenue will be making an administrative change to pass a 1% non-refundable convenience fee (minimum $1.95) to the cost of a transaction when paying for motor vehicle transactions by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. This change is the result of increasing costs to offer the option of credit card services as a convenient form of payment at the front counter for the citizens of Jefferson County. Payments made by cash or check at the front counter will not be assessed a convenience fee.


General Information

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Registration for all commercial vehicles expires on November 30 of each year and must be renewed during October and November. Beginning January 2006, Act 2004-554 changed the registration expiration date to the last day of November, but retains the Oct/Nov renewal period. Registration fees for each category of commercial vehicle are determined by either vehicle weight or number of seats.

As of January 1, 2005, Act 2004-520 created a new weight category for trucks in the 8,001 to 10,000 pound total weight (passenger, fuel, truck and cargo) truck class. This tag is available to commercial and private entities. The fee is $35 plus an issuance fee.

Exceptions to Commercial Vehicle Registration Rule:

  1. Church, Private School, and Hospital Buses, are issued passenger tags not commercial bus tags.
  2. Trucks that are less than 8,001 pounds are considered passenger trucks and are registered with a regular passenger vehicle and renewed under staggered registration system based on the first letter of the owner's last name.
  3. R1 and R2 tags are issued under the staggered registration system based on the first letter of the owner's last name. R3 to R6 are annually issued in October and November.
  4. Bus that is converted into Motor Home. Five (5) year license plates revalidated annually in assigned month (unless gross weight exceeds 12,000 pounds). If the gross weight exceeds 12,000 pounds, the annual license plate is secured in October/November.