Jefferson County, Alabama

Law Library


Law Library Policies (See also Law Library Documents)


The JeffCo Law Library is available for:

-          Government Officials

-          Judges (current and retired) and their judicial staff

-          Attorneys and members of their support staff

-          Jefferson County Employees

-          Law School Students

-          General Public

Circulation Materials

The JeffCo Law Library has a robust collection of historical and current print materials, many of which are in delicate condition.   

Because we are a research library, our print collection is not available for general public circulation.  Members of the Bench and Bar as well as Government Officials may check out materials that are not classified as Reference.  Patrons may request to renew the loan period by calling the Library (325-5628).

Fines & Penalties

The Law Library will impose a fine for overdue books.  Fines are $1.00 per day, per volume, plus a $2.00 per notice fee. 

For an item damaged or lost, the Library will charge a $10.00 replacement fee, plus the cost of the book, in addition to any outstanding fines on that book. 

Fines continue to accrue until the book is returned.  If the book is not returned and the fee unpaid, the patron’s privileges will be suspended until the debt is settled.  Payments made be made with a check or cash.

Food, Beverages, and Cell Phones

Food and drinks are not allowed in the library.  Vending machines and a water fountain are located in the hallway.

If you receive or need to make a cell phone call, we ask that you do so in the hallway so that other patrons are not disturbed.


The library has a coin operated/vendor card copy machine for patron use.  It accepts quarters, dimes, nickels, $1, $5, and $10 bills; and vendor copy cards.  It does not take debit or credit cards.  Copies are $0.25/page. 

Patrons may purchase a copy card at the circulation desk.  The library will keep the card on premises for the patron if requested.

The library does not accept debit or credit cards.  An ATM is located on the 1st floor of the courthouse.  

Print Copies/Scan/Email

Patrons are allowed to print from the computers.  The library charges $0.25/page.  Legal size copies are $0.40/page

If a patron requests that the library staff copy & mail/scan/email a document, the charge is $3.00 per document/citation. 

Alacourt fees are $5.00 for the first 20 pages and $0.50/page thereafter.  These fees also apply to service requests in addition to the $3.00 per document/citation. Alacourt is for use by attorneys only.  Public access to Alacourt is available in the Clerk's Office.  The library does not have a fax machine.  Billing

The library will bill patrons who have sent a service request by phone, email, or the website at the end of each month.  The patron will receive a statement detailing the charges and has 30 days in which to remit payment.  Late payments may be subject to additional charges.  Please make checks out to Jefferson County Law Library.  Credit cards are not accepted.

Wifi Access

Jefferson County’s free public wifi is available to library patrons.  The user must agree to the terms and conditions upon connecting to the service.  See also the Library’s Internet Usage Policy.

Computer Usage

The Law Library has 5 public computer terminals for legal research only.  Westlaw and HeinOnline are available for free.  Checking personal email is discouraged unless it is necessary for legal research or printing legal documents.

Microsoft Office is available for editing and printing documents.  Because of the limited number of terminals, we ask that you do not use the software to compose documents from scratch.

For more information, please see out Internet Usage Policy.


Copy fee         = $0.25 per page, self-service, $0.30 per page color copies, $0.40 per page legal size.
                        = $0.40 per page, by library staff

Email               = $3.00 per site/document

Alacourt = $5.00 for first 20 pages, $0.50/page thereafter

Overdue fine   = $1.00 per day, per book + $2.00 per notice fee

Lost or Damaged Book = $10 service fee + cost of replacing book + outstanding late fee(s).